Fine Art Oils, Watercolours and Sketches

During the past few years since moving to South Africa I have decided to investigate my talents as an artist. Being a perfectionist, I am super critical of my work but I am slowly learning that it's not about creating perfect representations but rather a study of self improvement through creating images and enjoying the journey. This is a showcase of the oil paintings, watercolour paintings and sketches I have completed and a small insight into the process.

Oil painting of Paternoster in the Western Cape
Watercolour of Table Mountain, Cape Town
Skeetch of a Maine island.

Clive lives and paints in Cape Town, South Africa where the wonderful local scenery gives him inspiration for his works.

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Artworks are for sale (sold work is indicated with a red dot ). Please contact me for prices or if you would like to commission a custom piece for your home or work space.